Pisang Handicraft & Art Village

 Kuala Teriang  


Looking for an original gift with a truly Langkawian flair?! Head to Pisang - a Handicraft & Art Village situated between Kuala Teriang and Padang Matsirat. Founded by the Japanese entrepreneur Rumi Nakamura and her local husband nearly 20 years ago, the store specializes in hand-made gamat soaps & lotions that are so popular, they are distributed also to other parts of Malaysia and sold in abroad. The miracle ingredient that makes them so unique? Sea Cucumber!

Intrigued? Wait until you see the beautiful packaging! Wrapped in colorful batik fabrics, the skin care products really make the perfect gift while giving away another specialty of Pisang: Crafted by the local artisan Azira in the adjacent art studio, you will find in the store beautiful batik products that range from tiny coin purses, bags, scarves and pareos to beautiful large paintings that can be rolled up for a convenient travel arrangement. Whether you like a modern pattern or traditional art with heliconia, hibiscus or lotus flower motives, the selection is large and you can even have a made-to-order piece!

Curious how the batik art is made? Join a workshop and experience first-hand the overall process from drawing a pattern with a canting dipped into a hot wax and subsequent coloring with the wax-lines building a natural barrier that prevents the colors from spilling, making sure you end up with the stunning piece you envisioned!

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